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Thursday, 6 September 2007

We got here

view from roof 2
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It wasn't too bad a journey and we've settled in, we got our internet connection fixed yesterday so this is the first opportunity to update the blog from Vietnam. There have been more pictures taken but this is the first, a view from our roof of the nearby river. However since I'm doing this before heading off to work it's going to be short and sweet.

We like it here.

View from roof
So work's over for the day and time for a little longer post, but not much, there's a social life to think of too. The picture above, also taken from the roof is our landmark for getting home. Most taxi drivers don't know our area too intimately yet so as soon as the bridge hoves into view we know we're on the right track.

Obligatory first impressions?

Hot and frenetic at first glance, we'd researched the traffic situation on Youtube of course and were mildly dreading making crossings but, as predicted, traffic flowed around us and within a couple of days we had stopped doing a victory dance once we reached the other side.

The food has been fantastic, lots of choice and fresh. Of course a couple of curry houses have been tracked down and sampled, we have to get some sort of taste of home from time to time. Mumtaz in the backpackers district scored highly, really tasty thali's costing around £1.50 as I recall as did Ali Baba's in a more salubrious area despite their tendancy to use the red food colouring on vegetable dishes but there are many more to try.

The beer's more than drinkable, sometimes served with ice, slightly odd to begin with but at least you rehydrate as you dehydrate.

We both have a fine collection of mosquito bites but their effect is getting less intense as we build up some immunity to them. We both got bitten on the arse and of course they were the itchiest bites in the world!

Clothing, I'm officially elephant size and will be forced to get things made for me, a certain person is "average" for the first time ever and can swan in anywhere and be overwhelmed with choice.

All in all, we're quite chuffed with ourselves, it seems like we made a good choice of countries and we're not missing much at all (except clothes in size 12).

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