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Friday, 14 September 2007

Plant life

Topiary deer
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Plants here look very exotic, some familiar, some not but these topiary deer outside a church caught my eye for their sheer exoticism.

Closeup deer

A closeup of the deer creature.

Aquatic plants seem popular too.
water lily
This was taken at a branch of Highlands Coffee, the Vietnamese Starbucks, I think this was the branch beside the opera house, good coffee, posh shops.

Floating plants
These floating plants are found in shallow bowls all over the place, the leaves are about as big as a pinkie nail and if you're lucky you'll see a dragonfly hovering over them. Obviously I wasn't lucky for this picture.

water lotus
Finally, a lotus pod, I think, very attractive anyway. This was taken outside the appartment, I'm still wide eyed at the plant life having previously only seen most of the specimens in a botanic garden hothouse.

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