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Saturday, 15 September 2007

Motorbiking Vietnam

Vietnam runs on two wheels, while car ownership increases the motorbike is the main form of transport for the majority. A group we'll be joining next week when we take delivery of a bike. No matter how long we ride for I doubt we'll ever reach the expertise of some of the drivers we've seen.


This is not an unusual sight, the fridge isn't tied down to the bike in any way and more often than not the driver has some other electrical equipment between his knees. The guys driving these seem to be wearing a uniform, my guess is they're delivery drivers.
Vegetable delivery

I wasn't close enough to see whether these were swedes or celeriac but this is another example of excellent balance and driving skills.


A lighter but much brighter load, most balloon sellers work from bicycles but this was too colourful a sight to miss out.

And finally a three wheeled juggernaut carrying the motherlode.
The Motherload

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