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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Ganesh Immersion the aftermath

Each year thousands of idols are immersed in bodies of water all over the city.  I had read about the pollution caused by this but this year I went with a group of students on a beach cleanup to Aksa beach.

 Ganesh, Aksa beach, Mumbai

 Reading about the aftermath is absolutely no substitute for seeing it for real.  The idols look amazing on their way to the immersion, the workmanship and artistry that go into them is stunning but it's really  tragic to see them the next morning.

Frightening collection of immersed Ganesh idols
 Ganesh hand

At least we now have a group of committed students who are going to campaign for more eco friendly idols to be used in their celebrations next year.

Ganesh Idol

R City Mall

I am not a huge fan of Malls although I do appreciate the air conditioning and convenience of them but they do tend to bring out the worst in some people.  It looks like the developers of this one in Ghatkopar, Mumbai have recognised this and named it accordingly.


It's been pretty quiet on the blog front of late, I took on new responsibilities at work and things have been hectic.  I'm taking advantage of a lull to do a few serial posts.

Two colleagues took part in a competition held at one of their son's schools.  A nail painting competition.  Who knew such things existed?  It helps of course that she's an art teacher and that her model had been growing her fingernails especially for the competion.

Seema's nails
A Snow White and the Seven Dwarves theme including the Evil Stepmother and the Handsome Prince to bring the characters up to one per fingernail.

Fingerbob nail art

Snow White and her Handsome Prince looking strangely like Trinny and Suzanne

They won third prize.  Apparently competition was FIERCE!