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Sunday, 14 June 2009

Do Not

Do not tell me that the coffee cup represents the letter "U". This is a donut shop called "Do Not".

Do Not Donuts
If you want to take them up on their buy five get one free offer they're situated on Tran Hung Dao.

Happy Birthday Blog

I realised it has been more than two years since I started this, we had a lovely meal at the refinery, not to celebrate the blog, that momentous event passed entirely unnoticed until after the meal but it's a good tenuous link to food pictures.

The Refinery courtyard, Saigon, D1
The Refinery is a nice space, we ate in the courtyard where there are lots of fans and cool shade. The building used to be an opium factory hence the name and the use of poppies as a logo.
Tuna with heart shaped cous cous, The Refinery, HCMC
Good food, who could find fault with heart shaped cous cous and pak choi that stands to attention? The mashed potato was also heart shaped but my dining companion had already delved into it by the time I whipped my camera out.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Chom Chom Time

Yet another fruit related post. Chom Choms, more likely known as rambutans outside Vietnam, are available pretty much all year round. They rank up there along with mangoes as one of my Top Fruits. They were breakfast this morning.

These were a particularly tasty batch, so much so that I forgot all about taking a picture of them until all that was left was this:

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Street entertainment

Someone had the bright idea of staging a concert in the streets around our house.
Street entertainment
Then they had the even brighter idea of painting the seat numbers on the road so they'll be there again if they want to stage another one. Inspirational!