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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Traffic flow

The Western Express Highway from the Westin Mumbai at 3am.  What are all these people doing being still awake?  What was I doing still awake for that matter? 

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Holiday pictures from Kerala and Pondicherry

This post is just a random collection of pictures I took on recent travels.  Since that's what the entire blog is about I make no apologies:

Tea garden.  I loved the way the light and textures changed from moment to moment.  I could have spent hours in just one spot.

Kathakali performer.  I couldn't go to Kerala without taking one of these pictures.  The more interesting ones might have been of the makeup and dressing process but alas, I arrived too late for that.
 Jackfruit,  I love jackfruit but I had no idea just how delicious it could be until I ate it in the South. 

Smart bird taking advantage of the bait I laid so I could snap a picture.

And this, continuing my interest in terrifying beauty parlours.