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Sunday, 12 July 2009

New look Fanny

Fanny Ice Cream, the ever popular Saigon photo opportunity has undergone a bit of sprucing up. The ochre and yellow colouring is gone.

Fanny Interior
Fanny's had the painters in and got a chocolate, strawberry and vanilla makeover.
New look Saigon Fanny
I was very fond of the old colours but it's still the same old Fanny at heart.
Fanny Ice Cream refit

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Annam Gourmet

Phu My Hung; variously branded as “The Saigon of the Future”, “Saigapore” and “Little Seoul” is home to many expats and upwardly mobile Vietnamese. It’s very family friendly and clean but lacks in atmosphere. For those reasons I wouldn’t want to live there but crucially my price range would only reach to apartments and I’ve been spoiled by living in a house. I do use Phu My Hung regularly though especially since Co-op Citymart is the best supermarket in town.

And now, identifying Phu My Hung as indeed a place to be Annam Gourmet have moved in with their polished wood, fancy lighting, imported goods and natty sales assistant. Coffee pavilion coming soon.

Annam Gourment, Phu My Hung
So overwhelmed was I by the shopping experience that I bought: my second choice of butter, bread I don’t like, jam in a flavour I wouldn’t normally entertain and a bottle of rose wine because it was in a chiller cabinet. I’ll be more selective next time. The wine was nice though.

Vietnamese driving licence

This is what you're expected to do for the Vietnamese motorbike driving tests.

This is what I think you should be expected to do:

Vietnamese motorbike test, what should happen

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Crazy Buffalo

Part of the same empire that owns Allez Booz and Go2 on the same street this monument to boozing up backpackers has recently opened on De Tham, the main thoroughfare in the backpackers area of Saigon.

Crazy Buffalo, De Tham, Backpackers area, HCMC
Of course it lights up at night but I haven't had the pleasure of seeing that yet.

Michael Jackson fever hits Saigon

Always entrepreneurial the artists of the backpackers area have hit on a new product. the painted tshirt. Last month it was Obama, this month, obviously, The King of Pop.
Hand crafted Michale Jackson tshirts, Backpacker area HCMC

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Fulfill your Filling Needs

Filling time
Non-tedious weight yet solid construction? Check.
Water froof? Check.
Interchargeable lables? Check.
That's the one for me.