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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Mumbai August

Feeding at Gateway to India B&W

Feeding at Gateway to India

Taj Hotel exterior 1

Mohamed Ali Road Iftar food stall

The skies are still grey so the weather is still cool but there have been a few hopeful signs of blue from time to time.

I've been heading into Mumbai proper more often but usually without either a camera or a charged battery. The latter is infinitly more frustrating!

Lots of people suggested a trip to Mohammed Ali street for the Muslim food stalls during Ramadan. It's the first time I got overwhelmed by India but it was mostly fun. we went, I got lost, I got punched in the kidneys by a child, we found our way out, I didn't manage to eat a bloody thing. Next time maybe.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Mumbai arrival

bubbles black and white
Hawker, damp day at Gateway to India

Just over two weeks ago we arrived and started work in the Mumbai suburb of Goregaon. It's been predictably hectic but the essential practicalities are working themselves out pretty well.

The weather has been abysmal for photography but fantastic for sleeping with no air conditioning.

It took until the most recent weekend to get into Mumbai proper and first impressions were positive. The grey cotton wool skies that go with cool weather didn't make for great photographs, but things will undoubtedly brighted up.