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Monday, 18 July 2011

Edinburgh extended stay

A quick week stop off has stretched out further as the work visas are taking longer than anticipated to get processed. No problem, time for more pictures, more oatcakes and more baked tatties and lots of time at the visa processing centre.

Urban Predator

Flamenco Feet
There's a Spanish tourism promotion this week and appropriately themed buskers.

High Street
There are more traditional Scottish buskers

Pan Piper
and traditional buskers with twists.

Otherwise I've been out and about getting arty-farty with the new lens.

Old Town Tourists

Royal Mile Balls

Royal Mile through a bollard

Fingers crossed for the next pictures coming from India.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Back in the old stamping grounds after four years in South East Asia. It's been a whirlwind of panic, frustration and tangled rules and regulations as we attempt to get travel, visas and banking all sorted out while still leaving some time to catch up and catch breath.

I've rediscovered how few people are out and about before 6am and still being on a Vietnamese waking schedule have found it a good time to get out and take some pictures. There's no doubt Edinburgh is a striking city.









Castle with blue sky


cobbles 2

Cobbles and a rare personal appearance.

Farewell Vietnam

School Logo
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Time to move on, a brief time in Edinburgh picking up the new work visa then off to Mumbai. I have mixed feelings of regret and excitement but onwards and eastward, it's all part of the extended adventure. It's been good, we've made some fantastic friends and wonderful memories. We'll be back.

I thought of doing a montage of favoured images but I've posted them here already so by way of farewell here's a very occassional image from my workplace.

The last day at school, Students from the youngest to the oldest classes painted this during Creative Arts Week and assembled it during the last morning. No spelling mistakes either!

See you in India.