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Thursday, 17 April 2008

In The neighbourhood

Down our way we don't have very much, no supermarkets or restaurants,bars or bookshops, although we do have a couple of temporary cafes which are good for an iced coffee. But recently I noticed that the area is up and coming. We appear to have a fairly upmarket knockin' shop. I've seen ladies ply their trade, quite discretely, along the National Highway and they need somewhere to take their customers.

For around £1.50 at the current rate of exchange you can get an hour in this local hotel. A bit extortionate for a ten minute stay but it seems popular, it looks like an extension is being built and it IS airconditioned. These types of hotels are also used by couples seeking a bit of privacy together and a more comfortable platform for their activities than a Honda Wave parked under a tree.

Local knocking shop