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Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Renting out

Available August
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It's been a terrible British summer, it took four days to get a break in the clouds long enough to get these pictures taken. These are the ones that appear in the letting advert. Anyone want to live in a Seventies house with a panoramic view of an oil refinery?

Back of house

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Clearing out

Marty's cards
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We move next month and we're clearing out in a big way, huge amounts of documents being sifted, sorted and saved or shredded, mostly the latter. The shredder was getting slow and yesterday gave up the ghost when the motor burned out forcing us to buy another. However, not everything gets shredded, postcards are kept, the picture above is a small selection from Marty who travels a lot and seeks out outragously bad cards from his destinations. Incidentally he also rants and whinges wonderfully on the back of most of them.

Strikes and spares

That which can't be shredded gets given away. We've found a good home for the pinball which is more of a pet than a machine, it's going to get it's own 70s themed room complete with jukebox. Something so fabulously tacky deserves such treatment