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Monday, 6 October 2014

Lion Gate Mumbai

I wandered up Kala Ghoda with the express intention of taking a couple of pictures of Lion Gate, the entry to the Naval Dockyard but was shooed away by guards who, quite rightly, pointed to the giant "No Photography" sign on the wall.

A bit dejected, I carried on walking and noticed for the first time a brilliant mural on the external wall of the dockyard.  I'm not sure whether the no photography rule applies to further away from the gate but who can stop themselves taking a picture when someone pushing colour co-ordinated laundry passes a painting?

Painting on wall outside Lion Gate Naval Dockyard in Mumbai India

Thank you Laundry Guy for making what would otherwise be a boring picture much more interesting.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Urgent Passport Photo

We would all look much more dashing in our passport or other ID photos if we could pose like this:

The "model" is Akshay Kumar, for non-Bollywood fans he's a famous actor, and probably completely unaware that he's being used to advertise passport photo services.    Image theft is terribly common and I went to the bother of getting a copy of the original from a website which offered free downloads.  I'm confused whether I stole the image or not.

I'm also not sure whether I've broken any copyright laws by taking a picture of a stolen picture but I would dearly love to pose for official identification pictures in shades, with my collar up and a fabulous fake background.