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Thursday, 20 September 2007

Guitars, Motorbikes and Vietnamese Music

We've been shopping, mainly for guitars. Saigon has a convenient system where specialist retailers set up together on one street so obviously if your looking for a guitar Guitar Street is the place to go "Nguyen Thein Thuat" to give it it's official name. Just off the big roundabout where Districts 1,3 and 5 converge.

Guitar street

It's a nice street, lots of clothing shops which will dig out some XXL tshirts if you have the time for them to search. I try to remind myself that Vietnamese XXL is European M but it doesn't really help. I particularly liked the dummy outside the shop below.

Britney Mannequine

But this is what we came for, guitars.

More Guitars

And more guitars.


We bought two.
our guitars
At £20 and £40 respectively they're hardly going to be world beaters but they both play well and have a nice tone, the one on the right is fitted with pickups and is steel strung hence it's higher price.

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