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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Vietnamese clichés

Ao Dai and Non La

- apart from the water buffallo and a bowl of pho this hits most of the cliché buttons.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Jogya Jaunt

We took a trip to Jogjakarta, a good test of how much Bahasa Indonesia was still lodged in the dusty crevices of my mind. Quite a lot as it turned out. I hadn't been to Jogya since I was in High School but it was still very recognisable, just more hotels now and becak drivers have cell phones.

Here are some obligatory holiday pics:

Boro buddah 5

Prambanan sky

Carving Balinese

Batik maker
Fashion advice
Fashion advice

Bir Bintang

Good times.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Things that happen in Vietnam

After any amount of time living in a country most things start to seem normal, which indeed they are.

Dozing on the morning school run:
School run Saigon

Dressing for sightseeing:
Under cover squad

Getting comfy in the airport, note the matching fake Clark's sandals:
Comfy travel at Than Son Nhat

Moving large pieces of equipment around during lunch service:
Carbonated musings

All perfectly normal.

Watch repair

Pretty much anything can be fixed on the streets of Vietnam. Phone fixing and unlocking, bike repair, grey hair plucking, shoe repairs and so on.

Watch repair Hoi An

Here a watchmaker does his stuff. An emergency visit was required when my watchstrap and the Man's both broke on the same day.