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Thursday, 6 September 2007

It rained

It rained
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Of course it rained, it was a bank holiday weekend. It's the rainy season too so it was inevitable. I remembered to take the camera to town and grabbed a couple of pictures.

Above is a chom chom seller outside Ben Thanh market, the one all the tourists (and me) go to. I know these fruits as rambutans, they're a little like lychees but to my mind nicer. The rain was fairly moderate at this point

and rained

but got heavier

and rained more
and heavier.

Ponchos are the order of the day and available all over town.


But inside the market was dry and hot but well appointed with handy drinks stalls.

Drink stall

I thought this was a very impressive display, of course the fruit in the glass case is plastic but everything else is real, we had coconuts to drink and eventually found an umbrella stall. Although I think the ponchos would have been a more stylish and practical option.

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