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Monday, 5 September 2011

Mumbai mixture

There's no theme to this post, just a collection of pictures taken recently. I've got over whingeing about grey skies and poor light and decided just to suck it up and take pictures anyway. No more excuses accepted, it's going to be like this for about half the year so I just need to adapt.

Repainting the Taj Tower, one little bit at a time

Repainting the Taj hotel tower, one little bit at a time.

Family Outing Marine Drive Mumbai

Family outing Marine Drive, overexposed but I like how the family group are thrown into isolation against the mainly white background.


I was attracted by the vibrant orange, the only good thing about grey light is that bright colours are more eycatching.

Snack Salesman

This came out a bit softer than I hoped for and I'm quite shy about taking pictures of strangers so I didn't hang about to correct my mistakes. I like his face anyway and that there's a "big balloon" in the background.

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