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Friday, 9 September 2011

Prince of Wales Museum, Mumbai

I'm a sucker for museums, The Prince of Wales Museum, or more properly, The Chatrapati Shrivaji Museum, Mumbai called me in.  It's an excellent looking building and, should you wish to shop, has a fantastic gift shop.  I paid my foreigner ticket price for which I got a "free" audio tour, a pamphlet and a postcard.

Exterior of Prince of Wales Museum, Mumbai

 It's a fine museum although the second floor is currently closed and looks as good inside as out but
far too many wet afternoons in Chamber Street Museum, Edinburgh, as a kid make me feel that the central well is incomplete without goldfish.

Entrance lobby

The exhibitions are well laid out and informative and there's plenty to see to while away a couple of hours.

 exhibit POW museum mumbai

The most memorable part of the visit though was The Man catching up with me somewhere between Miniatures and Coins.  He was delighted to tell me that he'd been offered a range of drugs ... in a museum!  OK, on the streets, sort of expected especially since we most certainly still have a touch of the wide eyed tourist look about us.  But a museum!  Definitely a Memorable Mumbai Moment. 

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Kalpesh Ajugia said...

My favorite place ... like to visit the museum very often...