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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Monsoon August

Rain on Aarey Milk Colony
View over Aarey Milk Colony through the rain.


Mould resistant advertising

Wall foliage

Wall foliage, colour saturation levels not fiddled about with, it really is this green.

Aary Milk Colony and a hint of blue sky
The last day of August and the first hint of blue skies to come.

I admit, I was blase about monsoon. I'd been through four and half wet seasons in Saigon so it was clearly going to be more of the same. No. It's wetter; the rain is heavier and lasts longer, at least it does this this year. I'm not sure how this year relates to previous monsoon seasons. It's the levels of moisture in the air that's taken me by surprise though, everything is always slightly damp, and there are weird mildew like smells around the flat that I'm trying all sorts of things to cover up or clear. However, it's cool, the breeze is lovely and everything is green and sparkly so it's not all bad. I just want some more blue in the sky.

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