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Saturday, 8 October 2011

The Big Balloons of Bombay

Big Balloon
Giant Balloon Guy

Puzzled. Every city has its own brand of hawkers specialising in selling tat to tourists. In Vietnam it was photocopied books, anywhere there were tourists there were girls lugging tottering stacks of Lonely Planets and The Quiet American around. If they didn't have what you were looking for the would hop off to a central warehouse and be back with your Bill Bryson of choice in minutes. This is a practical and popular product ideally suited to the target market.

In Mumbai they sell giant balloons to tourists. I know you would buy an uninflated version but the questions are still begged...

Who buys them?
How much do they pay?
What do they do with them ?
How long do they take to blow up?


ming said...
Who buys them ? --- me?
How much do they pay? --- around 50 rupee if I'm not mistaken
What do they do with them? --- Blow it?
How long do they take to blow up? --- not long, see this ( I tried using my mouth too, it tooked 5 mins, I guess
Why? --- cos giant balloon is cool

amasc said...

Thanks for the visit, I really enjoyed your blog, such a wide range of subjects and the cutest yabbies and chicks. Such a wide range of pets too it seems :)

ming said...

do they actually sell the giant ones? I really wanna get some... one day

amasc aka Anne said...

I saw some kids trying to blow theirs up, they were the giant ones for sure. Deflated they were about the size of a normal inflated balloon so, yes, they must sell them.