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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Mumbai August

Feeding at Gateway to India B&W

Feeding at Gateway to India

Taj Hotel exterior 1

Mohamed Ali Road Iftar food stall

The skies are still grey so the weather is still cool but there have been a few hopeful signs of blue from time to time.

I've been heading into Mumbai proper more often but usually without either a camera or a charged battery. The latter is infinitly more frustrating!

Lots of people suggested a trip to Mohammed Ali street for the Muslim food stalls during Ramadan. It's the first time I got overwhelmed by India but it was mostly fun. we went, I got lost, I got punched in the kidneys by a child, we found our way out, I didn't manage to eat a bloody thing. Next time maybe.


Thecinnamonjourney said...

I love the bird ..nice capture

Katrina said...

Love the pigeons!