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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

This year ... was the year of the Cigar Box Guitar(s)

The Man's a pianist and he likes to play the Blues.  This year he decided he would like to play the Blues even more on a guitar made from a cigar box.   So he got one, then another one and somehow, he ended the year with four of them.

The one in front is not like the others, it's made from a wine box and is, apparently, the bass guitar.

So now when we travel, so does one of the guitars.  The best place to play them, so I've been told, is barefoot on a porch with something nice to sip.   He's happy, I'm happy and so long as he doesn't plug in the little travel amp, so are the neighbours.


Chaicy Style A Pastiche said...

How awesome, I wanna try them too! Or perhaps just stare at them for the masterful artwork involved.

xoxo - Style.. A Pastiche

anne aka AMASC said...

They are lovely aren't they and they sound good too.

magiceye said...

Wow this is amazing!!