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Thursday, 31 December 2015

The year of ... taking pictures of creatures.

Travel has been severely curtailed over the last 12 months but we still managed a fantastic trip to Sri Lanka over our long summer break and a lounging time on a beach in Goa . There haven't been many blog updates so I'm squeezing in as many as I can in these last few days of 2015.

Here, some creatures I photographed this year, some wild, some pets, some representations and some of them, undeniably, food:

squirrel, sri lanka, giant, with jackfruit for scale

The Grizzled Giant Squirrel of Sri Lanka, it's a big squirrel as you can see from the jackfruit.

squirrel, wall, asian, cute, rodent, common

The non-grizzled normal squirrel of Sri Lanka and India.  One of the world's cutest rodents.

An elderly Tusker taking an evening stroll.

pet dogs, two, autorickshaw, tuk-tuk, pets, sri lanka
A pair of self-important dogs in a personalised Auto-rickshaw.

Naive art, advertising, eggs, chickens, painting sri lanka
 A chicken on tip-toe raining eggs

tuna, fresh, market, sri lanka,
Tuna on sale in a seaside fish market.


SandeepaChetan said...

Many shots have some kind of fun element. Some of the shots are kind of photographer's need little luck and you've made a right use of opportunity. Good luck for 2016 :-)

rupam sarma said...

Beautiful clicks
~ Happy New Year 2016 ~

Hema said...

Hahaha I love the captions on your photos,Anne! And ofcourse, I like your photos too! The chicken on tiptoe looks kinda like a rooster!

Anne said...

Photography is all about luck and fun I find SandeepaChettan, if you don't have any fun, you don't have any luck. true it's an egg laying rooster. Thank you Rupam and Hema, may each of you have more than you hope for in the year ahead.

Chuzai Living said...

I hope you will find time to post more photos from Sri Lanka!! You must be busy. If I worked, I don't think I would've been able to blog, so you should give yourself a nice pat on your shoulder! You're doing a great job!