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Friday, 20 June 2014

Indonesian postcards

I'm in Indonesia, one of those places I have called "home" as I spent my High School days here.  It certainly has a comfortable feel about it as so much is familiar.  I'm able to get by in rusty and grammatically simplistic Indonesian, it makes me ashamed of how little Hindi I speak - about a dozen phrases and two cuss words.

However I feel I'm missing out on the usual tourist pictures, yesterday I saw a group of Dutch tourist clicking away merrily at a becak - a cycle rickshaw and I thought "why, it's just a becak?" However, with apologies for  not showing the usual sights - so far not even a paddy field or a water buffalo although I've seen plenty of them, a few pictures from my holiday in Indonesia.  Things you can buy:

You could buy an owl in the bird market

 and caterpillars, presumably to feed to birds.
You might fancy a painted, live, hermit crab as a pet.  I had no idea that this was a thing until I googled it, I can't imagine that a hermit crab makes any more interesting a pet if it happens to be spray painted with an angry bird or a hello kitty.
You can buy bubbles in the park, I nearly did that.

You can buy fruit everywhere.
Or a ticket on a twelve hour bus ride to Jakarta complete with live karaoke and a dedicated smoking area.
I have not bought any of the above.  as I've mentioned before I am not a good shopper.


magiceye said...

Fascinating market! Loved that bus too which has karaoke and a dedicated smoking area!!

Sakshi Nanda said...

Love the bubble picture. Something magical about it.