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Saturday, 15 February 2014

Why shopkeepers hate me.

I love shops and markets.  I'm a happy rummager. I'm a terrible shopper.  I like to look, prod, poke and photograph things but I hardly ever buy them.   Shopkeepers do not like me.

With the exception of cushions and books I don't like to be surrounded by clutter.  I like the look of it, but not the practice so I take pictures of the shiny fanciness that catches my eye instead.

Here are a few things I haven't bought recently.

I did not buy any hair sticks or bangles from this man despite them being shiny and lovely. You can see I'm never going to become his favourite customers.

I did not buy even one little Ganesha despite them being the "cutest things ever" because I already have one which was gifted to me.

I did not buy this pretty mirror which so nicely reflected a wobbly Rampart Row because I thought the buildings looked lovely in the distorted reflection but I would look less so.

I did not buy lovely glass versions of the chilli and lime amulets to hang above my door because I don't have any nails strong enough to hammer into the concrete wall. These are the things
I came closest to buying recently. I liked them a lot so I used the picture as a
new blog header to ward off the virtual evil eye.

I've just carried out an audit of my decorative items. I own 6 paintings, two small decorative boxes, one Ganesha, twenty eight cushions and seven tea light holders.  I have a hankering to replace some of the cushion covers.  Shopkeepers of Mumbai, prepare to celebrate.


magiceye said...

Loved your header pic the best!

amasc said...

Me too! It was time for a new one so I'd been keeping my eyes open for something linear that would do the trick.

Chuzai Living said...

I love your header picture, too! The yellow is cheerful. I don't like clutter, either! I love window shopping like you, and love to take photos of pretty things! Now with 3 kids thought, it's hard not to collect clutter that I don't care for....

amasc aka Anne said...

I think taking pictures of the pretties is a good substitute for buying them. Pixels don't take up much space and if I grew really attached to an item I could always print out a picture of it and hang that instead.