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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Indian Teaching resources

As a teacher on the international scene I have all the same needs as any other teacher but sometimes amplified.  It isn't unusual to have to put together courses from scratch, once without any text books from August to December.  I've fallen back on the Times Educational Supplement site - TES for resources, lesson plans, schemes of work and general chit chat time and again. It's also been fantastic for job searching and researching new schools and locations.

I was recently contacted by TES to let me know that there is now a dedicated TES India  and asked if I minded promoting it a little. I have absolutely no qualms in doing that, it's free, spam free and if the Indian version is even half as good as the original site it will be a real boon to teachers.

Besides, if you sign up now you have a chance to win 1 million Rupees for you and the same for your school!
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If you're an Indian teacher I highly recommend it, you really have nothing to lose.

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Ben Bunce said...


Thank you for the post, it's great!

It's wonderful to hear positive feedback about the site too.

We are happy to help anyone created a profile with us on TES India.

Thank you again.