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Sunday, 5 May 2013


In the spirit of never regretting missing a picture I dragged myself out on one of the hottest days of the year so far.  I dodged ricks and trucks and massive potholes to snap a road sign that I loved.  I've always regretted not causing a traffic jam in order to get a picture of one on a construction site on the outskirts of Jaipur which read "Better late than newer".

warking proges, funny english signs in India
What really delighted me about this was that it wasn't a one off mistake.  There was another identical one at the other end of the hole in the road.


magiceye said...

lol! Brilliant find and capture!!

Chuzai Living said...

Love that. You see silly "Engrish" mistakes in Japan and it's quite funny.

Anonymous said...

kudos to the flawless click of the flaw :)

amasc said...

It was worthwhile going out for it, the notice has now moved even further away along with the new hole it's guarding.

Micky Fernandez said...

What really amazes me is that large corporations--which ought to know better--have egregious errors. In the local Airtel office (and, presumably, in all of its offices) there is a wall poster. On it, there is a movie clapboard with the words "scence" (rather than "scene") and "derector" (rather than "director").

Ben Bunce said...


As a fellow photography lover I must congratulate you on your fantastic photos. We really get a sense of what it is like living out in India.

This one in particular made me smile!

On another note, Have you heard of TESIndia? A teacher’s network, created by teachers for teachers. Supplying free resources for teachers through our online community.

I previously read that you were also a teacher and think you may find good use of the site. We could even create a profile for you.

Take a look ( )

Hope this helps,


amasc said...

I'm a huge fan of TES, an occasional contributor to resources and forums and a happy downloader of others' resources. The Teaching Overseas forum has been invaluable to me when planning new moves internationally.
I had a look at the India TES and it seems to have all the potential of the original. It's not for me so much because I don't teach to the Indian boards but I'd urge anyone doing so to pop in, have a look and get involved.
Good luck with the new offspring.

amasc said...

Mickey, Airtel ... enough said.

I don't suppose you got a picture of it? It sounds right up my street.

Ben Bunce said...

Fantastic news!

I am glad you enjoy using TES and that you regularly contribute to the resources online! Thank you!

I am hoping to reach out to others such as yourself.
As a prolific user of TES would you consider posting a link to our new offspring on your fabulous Blog? I believe many of your followers may find interest in TESindia as we hope to keep the online community growing.

I will continue enjoying your great photos!



amasc aka Anne said...

Hi Ben, I got some feedback from Indian friends and they were very positive about the new Indian TES. I've created a post to spread the word and wish the tesIndia team every success in this new offshoot.

BombayJules said...

HAHA that's so typical! My husband keeps asking me to do a post on similar signs we see around Bandra. Classic.

Ben Bunce said...

Thank you for the post :)

Kalpesh Ajugia said...

A silent "W"