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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

A quick peek at Kochi

As the monsoon sets in we headed off to Kerala where, I've been reliably informed by Keralans, the best of the rains are to be found.  There was just time for a whistlestop tour of Fort Kochi when we arrived for our one night stay and pictures were duly snapped from under my umbrella.  Truth be told I didn't take many but I've made up for it on the rest of the journey, however, for your delectation, here are a few windows in Kochi:

window, church, india, kerala, kochi, cochin, stained glass
 A Christian window.
jewish, symbols, kerala, kochi, cochin, india, window, ironwork
a Jewish window,
and a Hindu window.

...and a bonus picture of a cafe I saw.
seamen, cafe, india, cochin, kochi, kerala

More pictures to come of lovely, lovely rains.

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R Niranjan Das said...

Liked the creativity in religion based windows.