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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Thali ho!

I live out in the sticks and benefit from having a lot of greenery outside the flat so slightly better air quality.  On the other hand we don't have the wide range of entertainment options of the more developed suburbs but it's not all bad.  Our local mall has a Starbucks and Cafe Moshe and a couple of decent eating places too and we have the Westin Hotel within walking distance too.

I'm still not eating after a thali blow out last nigh at Oberoi Mall's Maharaja Bhog.  Six of us stumbled out stuffed full of delicious Gujurat/Rajastan food and wandered in a food induced daze to BBC, a British themed pub.  We could do little more than look at the beers we ordered and take turns in sighing contentedly.
Beware the surreptitious bowl fillers who sneak up on your blind side and replenish everything - often.


Suresh Urs said...

Nice thali. If you are travelling in Indian Highway's then this will help you. ClickRoadies

amasc said...

Suresh, a top site! I spent ages working out where I could eat on various routes.