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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Sign Language

I love bad brand names, silly notices and puzzling labels and I have another blog, really just for my own amusement, where I usually post stuff like this but in the spirit of sharing have a few labels, names and signs which have caught my eye recently:
For only the most twisted of birthdays.

...this must have been done enough times for the gas company to post a warning on every envelope that goes out.  Clothes lines, I get, swings?!?

This serves as an example of the overly honest signage which is prevalent in India; Standard Silk, OK Air Conditioners, Acceptable Movers and here "most" of your needs.  To be honest, it did serve as it said on the tin. 


thisgoodink said...

I know! I love those honest signs. I need to start taking pics...i never have my camera when I need it.

amasc said...

I'm glad you like them too. I have convinced myself that a picture taken with a camera phone is better than a picture never taken. All I need to do now is to remember to carry the damned phone with me.