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Saturday, 6 April 2013


Dear Asia
there seems to be a disconnect with us.  Why don't you like your toast brown?

From Laos to Indonesia, from the Philippines to India I've been served up slightly warm, slightly dried out bread claiming to be toast.  I've had solicitous waiters almost snatch the bread from my plate when I've passed it through the toaster three times to get a tinge of gold on the surfaces and apologise profusely about their toaster malfunctioning.

It's not,  I know, that grilled and toasted things are disliked.  I've been served delicious crunchy, carbonised food all over the place but never, ever a single piece of golden toast.

Dear Asia,
toast is not meant to be this colour.
Thank you for your attention.

Edit: except for Singapore, they know how to toast a slice of bread there.


Meeta said...

Your blog and many of the posts including this one are delightful. Why have you stopped writing? Please come back!

amasc said...

I was shocked to realise it had been over a year since I updated! I had a busy time and I guess I just got out of the habit. Anyway, I'm back in full flow - well, I've posted one update.... I have great intentions.