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Monday, 8 August 2011

Mumbai arrival

bubbles black and white
Hawker, damp day at Gateway to India

Just over two weeks ago we arrived and started work in the Mumbai suburb of Goregaon. It's been predictably hectic but the essential practicalities are working themselves out pretty well.

The weather has been abysmal for photography but fantastic for sleeping with no air conditioning.

It took until the most recent weekend to get into Mumbai proper and first impressions were positive. The grey cotton wool skies that go with cool weather didn't make for great photographs, but things will undoubtedly brighted up.


Hiro said...

Congratulations for starting Mumbai life.
I've never been to any part of India.
So looking forward to seeing your pictures

Ane said...

It's the first time in India for me too. I hope my photography skills are up to the challenge.

ash said...

Good luck on your work ... Enjoy your stay in Mumbai...
Make sure you are covered with an International Health Insurance while you are in India.

Indrani said...

An excellent capture Anne! You are so right about the seriousness on their faces. Thank you for linking this up. :)