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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Myanmar, Inle Lake

Feeling a bit out templed after the visits to Yangon and Bagan we spent a day just lazing on the deck of our hotel room and taking advantage of the spa treatments and books before taking in the attractions that Inle has to offer. In truth some of the nicest things are sitting quietly and listening to the silence or glow worm spotting but they don't make good pictures so here are some other attractions.

The deck where the lazing took place
Inle Princess Hotel deck.

The pace of life is slow and hanging about seems to be a bit of a local passtime, not that I'm complaining.


Waiting at the boat park on market day

Of course floating and rowing is a big part of life too.

Floating Monks on Inle Lake

boatmen b&w

Punks Not Dead

The biggest draw is the Leaping Cat Monastery where, it is alleged, lots of cats leap through hoops. Maybe they do in the high season but we saw one half hearted leap.

leaping cat

Sleeping Cat Monastery seems a more appropriate name

sleeping cat in monastry

sleeping cat monastry

However, it's a beautiful building and the views from the walkways are lovely

floating gardens Inle

And if you really need your cat fix you can visit a stilted cat centre where they are reintroducing the Burmese cat. They're friendly and will happily climb on you and purr like small outboard motors. Meals and coffees are served here too.

Burmese cats in Myanmar, Inle Lake

If cats aren't your thing what about a pig?

Pork Luncheon Eat

Pigs - usually found around the edges of markets for a purpose unknown and unexplored. I particularly liked the ubiquitous Myanmar Shopping Bag.

Shopping baskets at the market Inle Lake

and the dragonflies

dragonfly Inle

and the buildings

Inle domestic scene

and the twilights

Inle twilight

Safe to say, I liked it all, if you haven't had enough of other people's holiday snaps feel free to click on through to flickr where there are more, oh so many more.

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