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Saturday, 7 August 2010

Bagan, Myanmar

It's all about stuppas:

Temple vista at sunset Bagan

Thousands of them

Stuppas soft light

Ploughing with oxen in Bagan, Myanmar

Main temple Bagan stuppa, Myanmar

Birds around stuppa Bagan

and Buddhas of course

Grin and gilded, Bagan, Myanmar

reclining and encarcerated

Sleepy smiling Buddha

And some goats.

Goatherd Bagan
Amazing and exhausting and well worth visiting.


henno said...

I know what you mean - amazing and exhausting. It rivals Angkor Wat in beauty and scope, but without the thousands of camera-happy tourists.

amasc said...

Angkor Wat is beautiful but I agree, Bagan is much more satisfying to visit.