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Saturday, 7 August 2010

Backpacker Bingo Burma Style

A change from the non la, the flag t-shirts and the erroneous ao dai but still the fun continues. Spotted in Myanmar we have:

The matching pair - extra points for this - longyi and "ethnic" shirt combo's coupled with matching beards. I give myself additional extra marks for them having the poor taste/confidence to actually wear these to the airport. Spotted in international departures in Yangon.

backacker bingo double bubble

Wandering the temples of Bagan I came across this example; longyi, "ethnic" shirt and thanaka, I like to think he was haggling over the cost of a lovely hat to set off his outfit perfectly. He was in the company of another two similarly attired backpackers but they were cunning and I could never get them all together in the one frame.

Backpacker bingo longyi and thankaka Bagan cropped

Cambodia next, rich hunting grounds I think.


henno said...

Haha, I too wore my Longyi when I was there! Classic, comparing it to the flag t-shirts and non la, hehe.

Anne/Amasc said...

I've got a self imposed rule of never wearing anything on holiday that I wouldn't wear at home - hence I dress like kack everywhere I go. I should loosen up.