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Thursday, 10 December 2009

Saigon acrobats

The recent Loreto Fest went all out to create a carnival atmosphere complete with acrobats and slightly creepy isnie-disney costumes.
Loreto fest, actual acrobats

While the acrobats were impressive, as is so often the case in Vietnam, it was the unexpected that really caught my eye.
Balancing act Loreto Fest Saigon
Another shot of the real acrobats

Lighting rig, loreto fest with acrobatic worker
Accidental acrobat
The lighting rig needed adjusted. Ladders? Harness? Hard hat? Clear the people underneath? Why on earth would you do that?
Lighting rig acrobat
I would lay money on the power still being live too. Still, at least he isn't wearing flip flops.


Hilda said...

LOL! That last one can be here in Manila. Shocks me too, and I've been living here my whole life!

amasc said...

Thankfully it didn't shock him, thanks for the visit, nice blog by the way.