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Monday, 21 December 2009

Mumtaz Indian Restaurant, Saigon

Mumtaz, HCMC
In the interest of fairness I'm posting Mumtaz Indian Restuarant,226 Bui Vien - in the backpacker area.

Me and the man fight over whether this or Ganesh is the best in town and truly there's not much to choose between the food. Ganesh has airconditioning and is a bit spiffier, Mumtaz is friendlier. Both serve very good Northern and Southern Indian food, a great line in vegetarian dishes and for me, crucially, Mumtaz delivers within half an hour.


craniac said...

It's not even a food pic but just seeing the inside of Mumtaz makes me crave some Indian food.

btw, check out the new url:

old url:

Anonymous said...


FFOX said...

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Hiro said...

I have been to Mumtaz couple of times. Pricewiese, I think this is the best Indian restaurnat.
Off course, dishes are good for even Japanese.
I want to try Vindaloo dish someday.

Amasc said...

If you love hot food then you'll love vindaloo. I love the lentil and bean dishes at Mumtaz but usually get them to make it a little hotter than usual. You're right about value for money, it's hard to beat in HCMC for Indian food