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Thursday, 31 December 2009

Fast Food Saigon Style

Sure, the streets are full of vendors selling all manner of tasty Vietnamese treats but the fast food chains are making steady inroads too.

Fast food Saigon, Kentucky Fried Ga

KFC franchises are probably the most numerous.

Fast food Saigon, Jollibee

Jollibee, the Philippines contender for the burger crown is well established. At least their happy bee mascot isn't as creepy as the clown used by McDonald's.

Fast food Saigon, Illy cafe

At the higher end of the market Illy cafes have sprung up jostling with Gloria Jeans, Highlands Coffee and, more recently, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf to capture cafe high society.

I wonder if we'll ever get a Greggs ?


Georgie Macdonald said...

Hi I have been looking at your blog as I may be coming to HCM this year for work. Your pics are great. Your house looks lovely and i wondered what area it was in. Thanks Georgie Macdonald

Ann said...

that reminds me when i went back to Vietnam a couple of years back.

have a happy new year!

djgj said...

greggs... i wish! Tous Les Jours pastry's and roadside deep fried pasties will have to do for now!

amasc said...

All well and good but what I'd do for a cheese and onion pastie is nobodies business,

Ba said...

Is Kentucky grilled chicken available at KFC's in VN?

amasc said...

Sorry Ba, I don't know because I've never eaten in one. Maybe another reader can answer your question.