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Friday, 1 May 2009

Mangoes for Mayday

In what's turning into a mini thread of fruit related postings I present The Mango. A friend brought us some from her family's garden in the Delta and they were the sweetest and most perfumed I've ever eaten.

Fruit here is excellent, there are a lot of imports available but the locally grown produce is seasonal and unpredictable and all the better for that. A million miles away from the supermarket "every apple is identical" stuff I got so frustrated with in the UK.

On a fairly unrelated point, here's what greets arrivals at Tan Son Nhat airport:

Not Tesco but it looks close enough to make me look twice each time I see it. I think we're safe from them at the moment, Lottemart has corned the market in foreign owned supermarkets so far.


A. Rizzi said...

The best mangoes (Xoài) are of the 'Cát Hòa Lộc' variety and they hail from the Tiền Giang province. That very well could have been what you were grubbin' on. So fragrant and flavorful- almost creamy in a way. Look out for them soon.

amasc said...

That sounds exactly like the ones I had. Thanks for the info. I'll keep an eye out for that particular variety when they start to hit the streets.