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Thursday, 30 April 2009

El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

We're just back from Palawan and Manila in the Philippines. I took far too many photographs to post here but just for a taster here are a few.

just starfish on the beach
Day two of island touring in the Bacuit Archipelago, we saw a starfish, presumably dead but still pretty.
Hermit crab
And a very alive hermit crab.
Warf to warf service
We were picked up from the front of our hotel, we had to walk back a fair bit at low tide but it was an unexpected luxury.
Random water games, El Nido children
Meanwhile in El Nido town the local children indulge in the local equivalent of hanging around outside the corner shop.
Time out
Or chilling out, but check the hair, that quiff surely didn't get there by accident.
There are more, lots more, I know you'll be desperate to see them so will post more in the next day or two.

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