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Friday, 8 May 2009

Bacuit Archipelago, Philippines

Following on from an earlier post here are some more pictures of the trip to Palawan. I'm taking a very close interest in the Philippines' weather patterns so I can plan a return trip.

Alfresco lunch
The best meal we had during the entire trip.
Rock harvesting
Rock harvesting, part of the beach beautification project outside Four Seasons Resort (I don't think the other Four Seasons knows about this one)
A bird and a fish
Post lunch entertainment, watching the palm fish and bird bob in the light breeze.
Beach with wow factor
A beach so lovely it barely seems real.
Like Halong but nicer
This is the same type of geographical feature seen in Halong bay, it might be even nicer in El Nido but I can only judge on that after I "do" Halong.

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