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Saturday, 6 September 2008

Hue Hey

Hue, pronounced something like "whey", was an interesting place for a couple of days stop off. It's got a much slower pace of life than Ho Chi Minh.

Bridge Traffic

And a Citadel to see.

Ancient citadel

It was the hottest place I've been in Vietnam, some tourists took great pains to protect themselves from the sun.

Umbrellas and Non Las

While others tried hard to blend in:

Blending in

...and if we go down here I think we can each get an Ao Dai too.

There were some interesting sights and the river was particularly picturesque. The local cuisine was excellent but we had some of the most awful faux-French food and an especially bland curry. I suppose it serves us right for not eating local.

Bridge over the Perfumed River at night, Hue

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