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Friday, 12 September 2008

Domestic days

We have three floors and a roof terrace but often hauling it all the way to the top floor is too much to expect of a human so we spend a lot of time in our front courtyard.
It's 5m x 2m but packs a lot in.

Domestic reflection

Because we were heading out almost immediately we left the scooter parked outside the gate. At night it lives on the ground floor next to an armchair.

Indoor parking

Our courtyard is home to twenty plants, 17 fish and assorted visitors.

One tree frog on a wall

We have tiny chairs that make it look bigger, if you look carefully you can see my first home grown orchid just starting to bloom.

Courtyard, Saigon

And here it is, My First Little Orchid.

My first little Orchid.

A view from three floors up with one still to go before we reach the roof.

Welcome, home.

You wouldn't want to forget anything you needed or to have suicidal tendencies. However, the climb to the roof space is worth the risk of being enticed to throw yourself down the stairwell.

Up on the roof

As well as the view we have a fridge up here dedicated to beer and wine.

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