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Saturday, 30 August 2008

Phuoc An, Hoi An

During our last trip to Hoi An we stayed at the Phuoc An Riverside hotel. I was stunned by some of the very individual decorations.

Poolside decoration

Detail of poolside decoration

Be honest, how often have you looked at a marble statue and thought "You know, that would be so much better with a sarong and a pedicure."

Lamp Crime

The wall lamp verged on criminal but the comfortable rooms and view from the roof more than made up for the kitsch decor.

View from the roof of the Phuc An Hotel


Melissa said...

Hi - my family and I are planning to move to Vietnam. Any tips, comments help etc etc?

amasc said...

We like it. We like it lots and miss very little but it's difficult to make specific comments without knowing your specific details.