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Friday, 29 February 2008

Things I've eaten, or tried to.

I work on the theory that if something is fruit or fruit related it can't be that bad. I've even tried durian which tasted like dairylea cheese and onions to me. It didn't make me gag but I didn't go back for seconds either.

Then I saw these in a supermarket:

Odd sweets I found in the supermarket

It's official, tomato is a fruit, of course, working on that premise so is sweetcorn. I thought I'd give them a try. Clearly I'm not as brave fruitwise as I like to pretend because I bought them two months ago and they've been hiding at the back of the food shelves since then.

Unwrapped sweetcorn sweet

I went for the sweetcorn first, it seemed less scary, I've had sweetcorn sprinkled on ice cream before and it wasn't too bad. Tasting notes: strong initial taste of petrol which mellows to rubber with a tang of raw sweetcorn thrown in. Did I finish it? No, I got to the chewing stage and gave up when my gag reflex hit in.

Tomato candy frightened me without tasting it but I forced myself.

Offending article, tomato candy unwrapped

Knowledge tells us that a tomato is a fruit; wisdom prevents us from putting it into fruit salad.
-Miles Kington
This Korean delicacy was sticky and gummy on the outside, I'm not sure if that's deliberate or caused by the amount of time it's hung around in the apartment. Taste? Half an hour later and a glass of water with lemon juice and my mouth still tastes disgusting. It's sweet of course but the oddest thing about it is that it really tastes of tomato, it should, it proudly boasts Tomato powder as an ingredient. It tasted powerfully of slightly metalic tomato doused in sugar syrup. I can't fully explain how revolting I found this. Did I finish it, no, I barely got the sticky stuff off the outside before I was heading for the bin. They're a tough bunch the Koreans. I'm going to test it out on colleagues today.

Official food bravey rating: Wuss

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