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Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Singapore Quickie

A flying trip to Singapore for a medical appointment and a knicker buying excursion to Marks and Spencer didn't leave much time for taking pictures but I grabbed a few when I had the chance.

A few tall buildings:
Tall Building

Central Business District

These were taken from the roof of "Our Village" which Stephen still claims to be his favourite Indian Restaurant in the Entire World.

Some Lunar New Year decorations in the lobby of the Pan Pacific, we didn't stay there, we were on a budget this time but it was worth while going in to see what they had managed to do with their ridiculously tall atrium.

Pan Pacific Lobby 1

A BOGOF beer at Boat Quay

Happy half hour

And a view of a very educational poster about the dangers of "double dipping"?

Double Dipping

Double Dipping, just say "No!"

We managed to fit in some good meals before heading off to Cambodia, I'm back in March with work so I might managed to take some more interesting pictures then.

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