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Sunday, 3 February 2008

Tet flower market, Saigon

As Tet approaches it seems like everyone goes flower crazy. The biggest market I've seen so far is in the park between Pham Ngu Lau and the New World Hotel. The plants are incredible and I was sorely tempted to buy some but we're going away over Tet and it's never pleasant to come home to dead plants so I limited myself to taking pictures of them.

Crimson and yellow

Yellow and red are the predominant colours being sold but there's lots of variety of plant related objects, like fruit rats.

Fruit rats

These stand about a metre and a half high and are made from a yellow waxy fruit which I don't recognise. They're sold in pairs and are, for want of a better description, striking. You might be able to see that they're entwined with fairy lights too. Nice.

Kumquat trees are very popular, I don't know if this shape is traditional of if it's borrowed from Christmas trees. They'll look spectacular when the fruit ripens.

Kumquat topiary

Orchids are popular too, here's a perfect white blossom:

White Orchid

Of course, at times something a little more decorative is required, so why not buy an orchid planted into a straw dog's head on a plate?

Dog head on a plate

Just to be on the safe side...
Keeping order

... the police maintain a presence. You never know when flower buying could turn nasty and I'm sure stall holders can sleep more peacefully knowing that they're there


That's it, I expect the next posting will be on our jaunt to Singapore and Cambodia, Happy New Year.

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