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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Dance Lessons

I don't dance much, really I have little sense of rhythm but I also have no fear of making an absolute fool of myself by giving things a go.  Hence I found myself wrapped in a saree learning Garba/Dandiya dancing, I suppose it could be described as circle dancing.  l learned a couple of multi-purpose moves which I'm supposed to practice at home.  The dance party isn't until next week but there's no harm in having a bit of pre-party fun and, given the growing numbers of clueless foreigners, a rehearsal is a very good idea.

There were formal sessions planned but we all ended up in one of the open spaces prancing around while our more skilled colleagues showed off their more impressive moves.

There are no pictures of me dancing or otherwise so you'll have to take my word for it, also for the two milestones passed, wearing a saree and not falling over in it.

I'm still not confident of my ability to maintain dignity in a saree so I've ordered a lehenga choli outfit for the dance.

 For Forrens Lehenga choli - long flared skirt and tight blouse.  Mine has mirrors on it!


magiceye said...

Lehnga choli would be your best bet to dance effortlessly!! :)

amasc said...

Effortless dancing is too high a goal for me to set myself, not tripping up myself or others I consider nearly achievable. Lehenga choli it is, saree for sitting serenely and not dashing all over the place taking pictures - so probably never.

Indrani said...

Just let yourself free and enjoy!

sunil deepak said...

But the two images are wonderful :)