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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The weekend

Sometimes I wrack my brain trying to think of a theme to hang around the pictures I post. Not this time. Here are some unrelated pictures I took last weekend around where I live.

Aarey Milk Colony, harvesting
Aarey Milk Colony, grass being harvested to feed the buffalo which provide the milk that gives the place its name. I don't usually get this view from above as my flat is at a more oblique angle.

A short stroll away from where I live is Sai Baba Complex, older style flats set around streets shaded by mature trees. Washing is generally dried at, or just outside windows. The grills provide security, ventilation and decoration and are cunningly designed at just about the right width to stop pigeons getting in.

I get roped into taking pictures of all sorts of things, this particular weekend it was swimming.

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