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Monday, 26 March 2012

Beach time

I wasn't sure about how I would take to Goa. For sure I was up for a bit of in-your-face tourism with all the cocktails, beach loungers and eating places geared to the international beach bum. I wasn't too keen on the by product of all that, lots and lots of other people looking for the same thing but as it turned out I struck lucky. A guesthouse backing onto a busy beach at a part of the beach that wasn't too busy so if I angled my book right the place looked almost deserted.

I had a hammock at my beck and call
Reading room

Visitors were few and very cute
A wee calf

Beach vendors were photogenic and not not too pushy
Beach Vendor

with just the right amount of creative framing the beach looked lovely
Boat BIt

I've just realised, I didn't have one cocktail! Just as well I'm going back to explore another part of Goa in a week.

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