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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Street Eaters

Dogs, cats, rats and cows are all fairly common eaters of things on the the street. I don't have any pictures of those at the moment so offer some alternatives:


Found everywhere but usually moving too fast for me to capture them.

Jaipur pigs

Pigs were unexpected scavengers in Jaipur but they seem to do a pretty good job in clearing up the edible, and less obviously edible, junk.


Gopan K said...

Hi Anne,

I would like to create a album page for you where u can include the pics from your flickr album and add new pics too.

let me know if you like me to do that.

amasc said...

Gopan, that's very kind of you but I think I'll leave the pictures where they are at them moment. Maybe at some later stage though.